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Understanding Wise Errors

Niamh McGlade
Niamh McGlade
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Below you will find an explanation for errors you may encounter on your Wise widgets. These errors are uncommon and if you see an error that is not detailed below please get in touch with a member of our team.


You do not have permission to access this data

Explanation: You do not have the necessary permissions to access the information you have requested.

How to Solve: To resolve this issue you will need to contact the admin of your Wise account and ask them to update your permissions.


The requested resource does not exist

Explanation: Unfortunately the content you are trying to access using Hurree can not be found. This may be a result of an asset being deleted or removed from your account.

How to Solve: If you see this error we recommend checking the associated Wise account to ensure that the resource you are trying to receive data from hasn’t since been deleted or archived.


Wise Internal Server Error

Explanation: In some instances, Wise’s internal server will experience an error which means that Hurree can’t fetch the data you have requested at that specific time.

How to solve: It’s not uncommon for these kinds of errors to occur; unfortunately, they are out of our control. The only way to resolve this issue is to wait until the next sync period. If you still are still seeing the same error even after the next sync period, please contact Hurree support.

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