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Disconnect a connector

Niamh McGlade
Niamh McGlade
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If you no longer require the data from a certain connector to sync into your Hurree account, then you can disconnect this at any time.


Please note: Disconnecting a connector will permanently disable any widgets you currently have displayed on dashboards linked to this connector. You will then have to delete the widget from your dashboard.

  • Navigate to the connectors tab on the bottom left-hand side panel of your platform.


  • Click Manage on the connector you want to disconnect. 

  • An information pop up with appear for that connector. 

  • Click the Configuration tab.  

  • Click the Uninstall Integration button. 

  • This connector will now be disconnected from your Hurree dashboard and all widgets associated with this connector will appear static with a message that the connector has been disconnected.


  • You can re-add this connector again at any time through the same connector tab. Any disabled widgets from the previously deleted connector that are still displayed on your dashboard will be re-enabled. Find more information in our article here.  




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