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Creating a dashboard using a template

Niamh McGlade
Niamh McGlade
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At Hurree, we are committed to making it as simple as possible for users to create meaningful dashboards that help them visualise and understand their data. With this at front of our mind, we offer prebuilt dashboard templates that take the manual work out of building your reports.


  • To use these, navigate towards the Dashboard Templates tab in the left-hand navigation. 


  • Here you will find our library of templates which you can browse through or use the search function if you have a specific one in mind.


  • Once you have selected a template you would like you will have to choose whether to add this to a new dashboard or merge it with an already existing dashboard in your account.



  • Next, you will have to configure your template. This includes connecting the relevant tools, choosing your accounts and selecting the entities you’d like the datapoints to pull information from.

    • Note, you do not have to use all the connectors within a template but you must have at least one tool connected.


  • Once finished, Hurree will begin creating your template and within a few minutes, the widgets will appear on your dashboard. Please allow a few minutes for the data to appear in your widgets whilst Hurree fetches this from your tools.



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