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Niamh McGlade
Niamh McGlade
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A widget is a key component of every dashboard. They are what will contain your most meaningful KPIs and metrics. You can add an unlimited number of widgets to your dashboard.


  • On your Dashboard click the Add a Widget button.


  • Click the Select button on the desired connector from which you want to display data.


  • Next, choose which datapoint you would like to show on the widget and hit the Next button.


  • Then you must choose the visualisation of your widget, i.e line graph, number or bar chart. 


  • After, you will need to select the entity from which you would like to collect the data. 


  • Finally, you will reach the Widget configuration screen where you can make any edits to your widget (note: these can be changed once on the dashboard on through the edit widget button). The first option is to choose whether you would like your data to be displayed as an exact or rounded value.  


  • Next will be setting the datapoint date range and if you would like to see a comparison.



  • Before finalising your widget you will have the option of adding additional widgets that are related. These will be configured in the same way but can be edited individually once added to your dashboard. 


  • Select Finish when complete. Your new widget will now be added to your dashboard.Full_Widget.svg
  • This data will be automatically updated four times on a daily basis.


➡ Visit the Hurree Glossary for detailed explanations of our most regularly used terms.

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