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Add a performance indicator

Niamh McGlade
Niamh McGlade
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When setting up a widget on your dashboard you will have the option to set up a specific performance indicator. Your performance indicator is what you can use to set the benchmark for success for each datapoint, providing at a glance visibility of performance when viewing your dashboard.

  • Create a new widget.

  • On the Widget configuration screen select the toggle located beside Performance Indicator.

  • This will change the toggle to green and open up more options.


  • If this is a pre-set datapoint, the performance indicator will already be set in terms of whether the data is numerical, a percentage value or time.

  • If this is a manual widget, use the drop-down available to define the datapoint type.

  • Add a figure to the green target (high performing) to indicate success and the red target (low performing) to indicate failure.

  • If the datapoint value ever falls in between either of these performance indicators then the indicator displayed on the widget will be grey. 



  • Once complete, click the Save Changes button.

  • Your widget will now appear on the dashboard with either a green, red or grey dot, highlighting the performance indicators based on your set criteria.

Please note: Your performance indicator will appear white for a short period of time while Hurree fetches your data. 



  • In the bottom righthand corner of your dashboard, you will see a performance indicator key. This provides you with an instant overview of how many, low, high and intermediate widgets you currently have on your dashboard.



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