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Creating a Dashboard Summary

Niamh McGlade
Niamh McGlade
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Dashboard Summaries are your key to effortless data analysis. They transform detailed dashboards into manageable plain text, highlighting key metrics, trends and suggestions.

  • Begin by selecting the dashboard you want to summarize. Click on 'AI Summary' at the top of your screen. (This option will not be visible on empty dashboards) 




  • This action prompts Riva to start creating a summary of the data on the selected dashboard. Depending on the dashboard size, this might take a few seconds.


  • As soon as it's ready, your summary will begin generating automatically. If you would like to skip to the generation, just hit your space bar.


Hurree _ A Pinboard For Your Analytics.gif


  • Any summaries you create can be copied to your clipboard or instantly attached to the description of an email snapshot.

Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 07.28.29.png


Note: Currently you can only generate one dashboard summary per dashboard per day. This will refresh at 00:00 UTC. 

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