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Date ranges explained

Niamh McGlade
Niamh McGlade
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Get familiar with all of our currently supported date ranges and what they mean, so you know exactly what to expect from the data being pulled into Hurree from your favourite connector.


As a rule of thumb:

  • Date ranges that say "The last X days" do not include today.
  • Date ranges that say "This week/month/current quarter..." do include today.



Today: Today from midnight until the most recent refresh time


Yesterday: The previous full 24 hour day


This week: The current calendar week (Monday - Sunday) including today


Last 7 days: The previous full 7 days excluding today


This month: The current calendar month including today


Last 28 days: The previous full 28 days excluding today


Last 30 days: The previous full 30 days excluding today


Last 90 days: The previous full 90 days excluding today


Last Year: The last full 365 days excluding today


This current Quarter: The current quarter including today

  • Quarter One: January- March
  • Quarter Two: April- June
  • Quarter Three: July- September
  • Quarter Four: October- December 


Note: All of these date ranges are not available for every connector and their datapoints. For some datapoints, you might only have the option for "Today" and "All Time" due to the nature of the data and the limitations of the connector API. 

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