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Edit a manual widget

Niamh McGlade
Niamh McGlade
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After you have created a manual widget you can go back and update any of the set properties. Each time you go in and add a new datapoint value to the same widget this logs as a piece of historical data within the widget. This allows for a comparison over time to be displayed on the final widget on your dashboard.

  • When on your dashboard, hover over the manual widget you wish to edit.

  • Click the ellipsis in the bottom right-hand corner of the widget. 

  • Click Edit Widget


  • You will be transported back to the edit manual widget screen.



  • From here you can edit the;
    • Widget name
    • Datapoint value
    • Date
    • Performance Indicator targets
    • Performance indicator state (on/off) 

  • Once you have made your desired changes, click Save Changes to go back to your dashboard screen and see the updated widget. 


Please note:
A manual widget will always display the datapoint related to the most recent date available from the historical values. If you update a manual widget with an older piece of data, it will get added to the historic values but will not be displayed in the widget on the dashboard. This is simply valuable for updating the data comparison percentage.

If there are multiple options available for the most recent date then the data displayed will default to the most recently added of those dates.

Each time you edit a manual widget, the previous data will be visible under historic values. If you delete a historic value within a manual widget this will be lost and cannot be retrieved. 


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