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Create a manual widget

Niamh McGlade
Niamh McGlade
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A widget is a key component of every dashboard. They are what will contain your most meaningful KPIs and metrics. Manual widgets are different to others offered within Hurree as they are not linked to a specific connector. Manual widgets are static and can display any key piece of data input by you. 

  • Once on your Dashboard, click the Add a Widget button.  


  • Click the Select button on the Manual Widget Creation option on the connector screen.

Screenshot 2023-08-14 at 14.19.09.png

  • Next, you will be required to set up your manual widget. At this stage, you will choose;

    • Your widget name
    • The datapoint type i.e:


    • The datapoint value
    • Your most up-to-date date for this metric
    • Expectations of your goals for this metric using our Performance Indicator



  • Select Finish when complete. Your new widget will now be added to your dashboard. 


  • To display a data comparison % figure on a manual widget as shown in the above example, you will now need to go back and edit the widget to add any additional pieces of historical data. 


Please note: This data is static and will not be updated regularly as it is not connected to a connector. You will need to do this manually by following the steps here. You can see the time since the date of your most recently input piece of data displayed in your widget.

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