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Why won't my connectors connect to Hurree?

Niamh McGlade
Niamh McGlade
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Hurree makes it effortless to connect your most used tools to your dashboard. However, if you are experiencing trouble setting up your connectors there are a few easy solutions you can try. 


Are pop-ups enabled on your browser?

In order to ensure you can easily connect Hurree to your other accounts, you will need to enable pop-ups in your browser. If you believe this is switched off, you can easily turn it back on through your browser settings. 



1) Open Chrome on your computer. 

2) In the top right-hand corner click the three verticle dots.

3) Click Settings

4) Choose the option Security and Privacy within the left-hand menu.

5) Click Site Settings.

6) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Pop-ups and Redirects. 

7) Under Default Behaviour choose the option to enable sites to send pop-ups or use redirects.



1) Open Safari on your Mac.

2) In the Safari app, select Safari along the top bar and then choose Preferences.

3) Click Websites.

4) Choose Pop-up Windows from the options provided along the left-hand side.

5) Update the drop-down for the field "When visiting other websites" to Allow.


Are your login details correct? 

When connecting Hurree with your other accounts ensure that you have provided the correct login details or that the login details have not been changed. If this is the case you will have to log back into your connector account to verify your new details. 


Note: If you are still experiencing issues connecting your account, please contact Hurree support via and we will be happy to resolve your issue as soon as possible. 

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